Course Outlines

Here are the outlines/syllabi for some courses I'm currently teaching at McMaster (soon I'll be updating this with past courses as well):

Graduate Supervision

Here is the complete list of graduate students I have supervised or am currently supervising at McMaster University, together with titles and, in some cases, links to publications connected to those research projects. In general, I tend to supervise projects with connections to artistic programming (including but not limited to live coding), and generative and/or interactive and/or networked music and art. If you or someone you know is interested in graduate work under my supervision, please get in touch via email to iterate over the connections between our interests, the programs, and adjacent resources (such as the Networked Imagination Laboratory at McMaster).

PhD Communication, New Media, and Cultural Studies:

  • Jessica Rodriguez (in progress)
  • Luis Navarro del Angel (in progress)

MA Communication and New Media:

  • Alejandro Franco (in progress)
  • Bud Roach (in progress)
  • Jamie Beverley, "Precipitate: Distributed Machine Listening for Participatory Weather Resonification
  • Luis Navarro del Angel, "Cacharpo: Co-performing Cumbia Sonidera with Deep Abstractions"
  • Tanya Goncalves, "Embracing the Voice: A Live Coded Performance for Mobile Devices"
  • Harold Sikkema, "Sing, Pan, Code: Enhancing Audience Engagement through Choral, Algorithmic, and Photographic Crossings"
  • Lily Beaul, "Seeds in Snow: A Study in Emergence and Computational Intelligence in Digital Games"
  • Cameron Taylor, "Interference: An Audio-Centric Hidden Object Game"
  • Aaron Hutchinson, "Three Electroacoustic Artworks Exposing Digital Networks"
  • Houtan Seyedahmadain, "An Analysis of Contemporary Noise Pollution Legislation"
  • Steve Hudak, "Code, Light, and the Computational Sublime"
  • Amy McIntosh, "Interface: Visualizing Code in Live Coding Performance and Generative Installation"
  • Ian Jarvis, "Orbit: a scalable laptop composition"
  • Nicolas Hesler, "Mutari: a visual live coding tool"
  • Jennifer Hambleton, "SoftShare: A Wearable Surveillance Tool" (co-supervision with Christine Quail)

Introduction to Digital Audio textbook

This online textbook was written for the course Introduction to Digital Audio at McMaster University. The chapters below are released as "free culture" under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Proposal examples

I am sharing here some examples of performance and presentation proposals to conferences and festivals:

JavaScript, Canvas and Web Audio API tutorials

Blender/Blender Game Engine tutorials